Meet Affinity® and Novachor®

the only fresh placental allografts for wound healing support.1-4

Introducing the Organogenesis Fresh Family

Affinity and Novachor—human placental allografts composed of fresh, unaltered amnion and chorion membrane. Never dehydrated or frozen, Affinity and Novachor are uniquely preserved in a fresh state, making them the closest choices to native tissue.1,5-11

Affinity and Novachor retain the placental tissue's native three-dimensional extracellular matrix (ECM) scaffold, growth factors, and endogenous, living cells.1,5-11 As protective barriers and ECM scaffolds, Novachor and Affinity support the body’s inherent healing process.1,12-14

Support an optimal environment for wound healing with Affinity and Novachor.12-14

Placental tissue products start from the same raw material, but different preservation and processing techniques can drastically impact product characteristics.10,15

AlloFresh is a gentle, proprietary technology that1,6-11,16

  • Maintains a fresh state
  • Avoids the heat and cold that causes protein damage
  • Retains the native amnion and chorion characteristics
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Please see complete prescribing information for Affinity here and for Novachor here.

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Keeping cells viable with AlloFresh™


Helping non-healing wounds move to closed

In a randomized controlled trial in diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs, N=76), Affinity, as a protective barrier and ECM scaffold for wounds, resulted in14: 


of DFUs closed at 12 weeks with Affinity compared to 38% with SOC* (P=0.04)

Novachor maintains native tissue architecture and is significantly thicker vs dehydrated chorion and native amnion5,15

Considering native chorion for deeper wounds


~4.2x thicker

vs dehydrated chorion10

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Affinity 1.5 x 1.5 cm

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*SOC=standard of care; included debridement, infection elimination, dressing, and offloading by total contact casting.

Novachor product information

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